Choices.  It really is that simple.

Every minute, every second of every day, at least the hours we’re awake, we are choosing.  We choose what to do, what to wear, what to think, where to go, who to involve in our lives. By choosing to take an action, we deselect all other choices. Each choice alters the direction of our lives forever.  Each choice has the potential to set in motion a “domino effect” over which we have little or no control.

In a sense, each choice can seem like a small choice. In another sense, there are no small choices.

Choices are tough enough for just one person alone.  They’re even tougher for married couples, and compound even further when kids enter the picture.  The lists of interests, concerns, personality traits, desires, and goals grow exponentially as each new person is added to the family unit.

Families become living organisms.  Like human bodies, no two families are exactly alike.  The individuals in the family become the organism’s DNA, with each person exerting his or her own influence on how the family grows, how it moves, how it changes.  But, families are vastly different from a physical body in one primary way.

Families make choices.

I’m embarking on a study of families and their choices.  Would you be willing to help me in this project? I’d love to hear from each of you about the ways your families made choices, how those choices turned out, and the lessons you’ve learned from them.  And, as we discuss on this blog some of the ways God’s Word helps guide us in our choices, it’s my prayer that you and your family will choose ways to find peace and joy in your lives that may have been missing before.

So please, leave your thoughts in a comment to this blog.  You may even see your example mentioned in a future blog post (I’ll ask you for permission first, or course).  And hold on – we’re getting ready to explore the choices that make for strong, Christ-honoring families.  Looking forward to our time together!

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