Between an incredibly busy work and home schedule during the Christmas season, I have found precious little time to write.  I’ve seen recent internet memes that have described writers who aren’t writing as “living on the edge of insanity,” and in lots of ways those observations are correct.  I’m a lawyer, so I am a professional writer. I write all day long. But “writing” is not just the act of putting words on paper (or these days, moving electrons around so that they appear on a screen to look like words). As with all forms of art, the writer puts pieces of himself on paper to share with others. And, as with all gifts from God, exercising the gift of writing is energizing rather than draining.

And so, we write.

If you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll know that my blog’s original name was “Seeing the Heart.” And therein lies the difference. While I write for, and get paid by, clients who ask me to prepare contracts, draft legal memos, or write impactful letters that advance their business objectives, I haven’t given my heart to what I’m writing. Yes, I’m called to work as though working unto the Lord, and to perform my job with excellence. But only writing that glorifies Jesus Christ, that leads others to Him, and that builds up the body of Christ truly energizes my batteries.

Writing for Him re-creates me.

No research went into the writing of this blog (other than reading God’s Word). No nifty statistics will be cited, no famous quotes researched or used. It’s just a short letter to you. It took exactly one lunch hour to write it. In other words, it’s pretty fluffy stuff.

But — now you know a little more about what Jesus Christ means to me, and why I write. That’s re-creational writing.


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